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We strive to work with you or your employees on a personal basis to ensure we are meeting your needs, your requirements and your goals.

Our valued customer is our first priority!



Our relationship with you is a partnership where we work together to achieve the best results. Being a small business ourselves, we understand small business concerns and limitations ... and we will work with you to resolve those concerns and work within those limitations. We believe our customer focus is our greatest strength and we will work diligently to ensure complete and total satisfaction. Give Webbed Works a call ... we are anxious to work with you! And we can help you launch your business or non-profit on a shoestring!


How we can help you...
Individualized and Classroom Instruction on :

  1. Email
  2. Browser Software
  3. HTML and Graphics Software
  4. On-line Services
  5. Internet and Web Terminology and Navigation
  6. Office and other PC Applications


We also provide:


  1. PC Troubleshooting
  2. Web Design and Technology Consulting:
    - Small Businesses
    - Independent Professionals
    - Non-profit Organizations
  3. Home or Small Network Installations
  4. Assistance setting up DSL or Cable connections
  5. Computer Security Assistance


Let us help with your computer needs!
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Why Choose Webbed Works?

  1. Affordable
  2. Personalized Web Design and Development
  3. Classroom and Individual, Internet and PC training
  4. PC Troubleshooting and Repair
  5. Home Networking Installations
  6. Technology Consulting
  7. Other technical services to both individuals and small organizations.
  8. On-site or off-site (your choice)
  9. Virus and spyware removal

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